Monthly Archives: January 2013

Are we heading in the right direction?

Every release Les Mills puts out has pros and cons. Not everybody is going to be satisfied with the choreography or the music. We’re instructors. We’re only human. The feedback BodyPump 84 garnered at Union Street Athletics over the weekend was mainly positive. New innovations, great music and a hardcore workout have had people coming […]

BodyPump 84 review

Well, Team USA finally launched BodyPump 84 over the weekend. We’ve been excited about this release for quite a while, and with good reason. Before we even pressed play to get Track 1 underway, Barb and I knew this was going to be one of our best launches yet. Warmup:┬áIn past releases, the warmup tracks […]

The art of the lunge

It’s an exercise that was introduced as “everybody’s favorite” by BodyPump instructor Barbara Cookson when I lost my Les Mills virginity in the summer of 2009, taking that first BodyPump class. No, I’m not talking about pushups, the favorite exercise of my Union Street Athletics teammate and myself. I’m speaking of lunges. Before my BodyPump […]

Old school vs. New school

During a recent slow day at work, I came across an interesting ESPN piece on how old-school coaches deal with today’s athletes. In case you’re wondering, an “old-school” coach is defined as one who doesn’t take no for an answer, who is always yelling, and is in a player’s face. Think Shawn Walsh, Herb Brooks, […]