Monthly Archives: October 2012

The art and effect of the pushup

Back in my cross country days, one of the slogans my teammates and I lived and died by was “My sport is your sport’s punishment.” It’s self-explanatory: In our sport, running was a way of life, yet a punishment in any other. The same can hold true for push-ups in a Les Mills BodyPump class. […]

Touchy subjects all around

Over the last couple of weeks, the newsroom has been buzzing with stories involving two of my favorite things, group fitness and football. Unfortunately, they are mostly controversial. But, reporting on such issues comes with the territory of being a good journalist. Yes, I am talking about the case of the prostitution ring involving a […]

Bobby V never had a chance

Normally in this space, we’re talking about the benefits of group fitness exercise and BodyPump, but today’s topic is a completely different animal. Unless you were under a rock the last 12 months, the Boston Red Sox have been nothing short of a disaster. It all commenced last September, with a 7-20 free-for-all that left […]

BodyPump 83, a review

Over the weekend, Team USA finally released BodyPump 83 to the group fitness world of eastern Maine, and judging from our class numbers, it was a rousing success. All three of our launches drew a packed room, and all of our participants seemed to enjoy this challenging, inspiring release. Without further adieu, here is my […]