Monthly Archives: August 2012

Heartbreak turns into joy in Auckland

If there’s one thing every Les Mills instructor dreams of, it’s attending a Masterclass filming in New Zealand, whether you’re on the stage or in the crowd. New experiences are created. New friendships are fostered. And best of all, you experience the best group fitness classes in the world with the best instructors. For Christina […]

The ultimate wedding present

For those of you who may not know, and if you don’t, you must’ve been on Mars, but last weekend, my bachelor days came to a close with an awesome, Les Mills-style wedding day! At the crack of dawn the next day, the bride and I were up and off to Boston for Maine Day […]

BodyPump and Group Fitness Etiquette

A while back in this space, we talked about the Ten Commandments of Proper Gym Etiquette. While a lot of those “rules” certainly apply to the weight room, treadmills, rowing machines and tanning beds, proper etiquette should be observed in Les Mills group fitness offerings as well, whether you’re an instructor or participant. Without further […]

Renewing a summertime tradition

Back in the glory days of my high school running career, the Beach to Beacon 10K was a staple for me and my family. We would always make it the last mini-vacation of the summer before high school cross country practices commenced, with carbo-loading dinners and trips to the Old Port and Funtown/Splashtown always on […]