Monthly Archives: February 2012

Exercise of the Week: Triceps

I’ve heard a lot of people in the gym give me some crap about working my triceps, saying that it’s a “girly exercise.” That is definitely not the case, and it is one of my favorite muscle groups to work in BodyPump. That being said, no two tricep tracks in Pump are alike, and different […]

Eight classes, zero sleep

Les Mills quarterly workshops are a LOT more fun when a throng of your teammates join you for the ride. Unfortunately, that had not been the case for my first couple of workshops, as it can be hard to get away in this economy. However, in March 2011, a crew of my BBAC friends and […]

Happy 20th birthday, BodyPump!

Launching a new BodyPump release is always special. After all, members typically look forward to new music and new moves after 3 and a half months of mixing things up, or doing the same songs every class (yawn). But when my teammates and I launch BodyPump 80 this weekend, it’ll also mark the program’s 20th […]